HTML Tutorials

Create basic website layout with HTML CSS

This is going to be a short and basic tutorial meant especially for beginners. Almost every website consists of this basic layout which includes a Header, Sidebar, Content Area and footer. Read More

Creating Simple Tabs HTML, CSS & jQuery

In this Tutorial, we will be Creating Simple Tabs HTML, CSS & jQuery. Creating a tabbed component is actually a simple task, although it may not seem it at first and obviously depends on your level of skill. The difficulty also depends on how advanced you want your tabs to be, but for the sake of this tutorial, I am keeping it simple. Read More

How to Add Favicon to Your Website

A favicon is a graphic image (icon) associated with a particular Web page and/or Web site. Many recent user agents (such as graphical browsers and newsreaders) display them as a visual reminder of the Web site identity in the address bar or in tabs. Read More